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I was raised in the north woods of Wisconsin, just south of Michigan's Upper Peninsula. As a result, I have a somewhat lingering accent of a hard-core "Yooper". Pasties remain one of my favorite foods. I caught my first legal musky when I was 12 years old. 

As I prepared for adulthood, I pursued a Law Enforcement Degree which I completed while serving beef stew and country fried chicken in a 24-hour truck stop at night part-time, and reading statutes during the day for what today is Thomas-Reuters. On weekends I explored life on stage in a very bad river town rock'n'roll band. By the time I was 22, I was learning about forestry operations and management in the Cascade Mountains working in the timber industry. I never did become a police officer.

Living in Japan when I decided to pursue a Business Degree, I funded my education working full-time in a variety of Department of Defense jobs which included working in an HR office on an Air Force Base. For a short time, after I finished my degree, I substitute taught in K-6 classrooms.

I anticipated working somewhere in the realm of Human Resources when I finished my college studies. But, within a matter of months after walking into a Fortune 100 medical device company in Minnesota, I was hooked on marketing product management. Mentored by two very savvy corporate executives, I learned how to target and research markets. I developed multi-million dollar business plans. Working with teams of product design engineers, managing international  product launches, addressing senior management leaders with proposals, training sales teams, and traveling 60% of my time caused me to grow in ways I never anticipated for myself. 

Optimism for myself and others, and being able to envision what's possible is a gift over which I have no control. It's simply part of who I am. I am also naturally adept in disrupting status-quo, stagnant, and rigid environments. While disruption is good for growth and change, it is not necessarily well received in some types of organizations. I became acutely aware of what personality types do and don't fit into differing business types and under specific leadership styles. 

Before I reached my third decade of life, I had decided that I wanted a business of my own that focused on people in business. But there was one last thing I wanted to try before putting my idea to the test...

So, two equally disruptive partners and I formed a company 
and put a new game on the toy market. Our purpose was to prove to ourselves that we could walk the talk of developing a product for a market rather than merely pitching a product at a targeted base of buyers. Within 10 short, fast-paced months we accomplished what we set out to do. Our methods were both unconventional and effective. FAO Schwarz became our biggest customer, followed closely by Carolina Biological Supply. One night our game was featured on the David Letterman show. I was satisfied. We did what we set out to do. I was ready to break out into my solo business venture.

My personal career track seemed to just fall into place. I couldn't help but wonder where my life might have gone if I'd had someone help me do some experiential career exploration earlier, while still in high school. However, I'd grown and I'd grown quickly. And, as a result of all of my unique experiences, my business dream became my passion. And that passion was (and still is), to teach Personal Marketing 101 as a way to help individuals mindfully develop short- and long-term career strategies rather than merely search for new jobs when they find themselves in employment transition. 

In the early 1990s, some of my individual clients were among the first in the U.S. to realize the power of implementing video resumes for long-distance job search. Simultaneously, the corporations who hired me to help exiting employees through periods of involuntary job transition were discovering the irreplaceable value of providing On-Site Outplacement. 

Post job-termination psychological illnesses was something I felt unprepared to address as my business grew. I had no interest in becoming a therapist or health counselor, but I entered and was graduated from a Master of Arts Degree in Psychological Therapy and Counseling, followed later by certification in Life Space Crisis Intervention. This extra level of training has proven to be extremely valuable in assisting in the development of services to be provided employees when they leave companies, and in helping to identify some of the dangerous potentials for post employment-termination violence.

Life situations are unique and employers don't and can't often know what triggers may be pulled during job termination. Working with HR teams and corporate management prior to, and being physically present during and immediately after an employee is removed from a job, I'm committed to helping defray post-termination workplace violence. 

Like many, I've personally witnessed and experienced abusive behaviors in the workplace. I've witnessed costly damage to corporate production processes due to sabotage as a response to unmanaged peer victimization, I've worked where employee property was damaged by a co-worker who lashed out after losing his job. And I experienced the loss of a dear, 26-year-old co-worker who killed himself within the first 12 hours of losing his job--he was my friend.

I love to teach. The range of presentations I've developed and facilitated over the years include personal face-to-face and classroom programs, training programs for incarcerated youth and adult offenders, regional conferences for educators, career counselors, government employees, corporate officers, and community leaders. I've been an adjunct professor. I was a faith-based youth leader in the community for 22 years. But to date, my toughest assignment was to face K-6 graders in an elementary school as a subsitute teacher -- absolutely terrifying! 

Some people find my name difficult to pronounce and harder to remember. Spell checkers often prompt corrections, offering "chameleon" as an alternative. I'm okay with you calling me Kim. 

KimAileen White, MA

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Whitestone Personal and Professional Marketing, LLC  is not a search firm, employment agency, or subsidiary agency of any other company. Individual success will vary based upon client needs and individual client efforts. We cannot and do not make promises of guaranteed employment by using our services. Whitestone Customized, On-Site Outplacement services are provided as a deterrent to the potential of post-termination violence but under no circumstances is there a direct or inferred promise of violence prevention.

Who is KimAileen White?

"Kim is dedicated and up to date on what it takes to get to the next chapter in life!"

"Working with Kim really opened my eyes to opportunities I never considered before as I prepared to graduate from college."

"...an outstanding resource and coach, assisting me to connect with various industries and establish effective networking strategies. Her unique and assertive approach was very different than all the others--bottom line-- her approach got results. Thank you, Kim!" 

"Kim has an incredible talent for bringing out the person you truly are.  She has a gift of guiding you, but ultimately allowing you to make the decisions and determine your path."

"Kim's extensive background in many different fields as well as her outstanding accomplishments and ability to provide immediate results is what sets her apart from the crowd. Driven, exceptional, motivated and seasoned are just a few of the key qualities that Kim holds and keep her at the top of her industry."

"Seldom have I met someone with such breadth and depth of experience in the professional career field."

"She knows industries, recruiters, trends, job searching techniques, even the proper way to shake hands, but her greatest strength is in knowing what makes people tick and how to build your professional network and brand."

"She understands the challenges of maneuvering through the job search process in today’s market, and provides valuable guidance based on your own unique circumstances. Kim creates an environment of “can do” attitude, and truly cares about her clients."

"She is extremely knowledgeable in all areas of career search and helped me to identify what my personal strengths were and how I would be able to transition those into a career and explore careers I hadn't considered before."

"Even though we are working together long-distance, she was able to pull together all the information I sent her and create a professional, yet creative approach to help me sell myself and create my personal brand. She is extremely knowledgeable and aware of current trends and technologies. "

"When it comes to getting you off the bench and into the game with hope and inspiration, she is the consummate career coach. "

Review KimAileen's full professional history, including the above and a more comprehensive overview of her personal career development and additional, first-hand recommendations from current and past clients at her professional LinkedIn profile.  

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